As a Man Thinks

The question we need to ask is how ego and God works together. As author Lou Austin suggestion in his book [1] "by combining both ego and God together gives us the word EGOD which is a kind of slide ruler to measure of who is in the pilot seat of the relationship between man and God. If we apply too much ego we are in the pilot seat and are destined to our preconceived reckless outcome." Because all our problems lie in our ego and all our solutions come from God through Jesus after the cross at Calvary. We are no longer shackled by the Law of Mosses as it shackles us to a life of sin because none of us can fulfill these laws numbering in the hundreds. Using our ego we can not even meet the 10 commandments. Only Jesus was able to fulfil all the requirements of the Law and if we repent and believe he the way and the life we are living by Grace, not by law and God is pleased. This places us in a quandary of a thought. God spirit is in us and our ego is also in us. What did God do to assure that we would go God and not go ego? He placed his entire spirit in our minds and wrote it in our hearts. We can dream up anything but only when we are still in our minds can our heart filter out exactly where God wants us to be as He develops out talents and completes his perfect work in us? Every inch you slide the ruler towards God he becomes the Pilot and the outcome more profound than any words can describe because he can makes any dream possible. Another clear message Jesus gave us is to be one way or the other not to be indecisive or in the middle or he will spit us out of his mouth. Thinking about ego and God as a slide ruler gives us the opportunity to be still and think upon God and once we do our heart will release the knowledge He placed in our minds. We all have a conscious and it is this slide ruler of ego Vs God as we push towards ego we feel bad and indecisive but when we push the slide towards God we feel content, at peace and ready to love.

To be still is really as easy as 1, 2 and 3 but we in an attempt to plan out the best outcome and fall short of not only our hidden dreams but more importantly of Gods desire to give us the best life possible where we love Him with all our heart and find victory in Jesus as we love our brothers as ourselves.

[1] You Are Greater Than you Know Copyright 1955 The Partnership Foundation